Have you heard that Music4Dogs is like a natural tranquilizer?

Does your dog ever seem to get upset when you leave the house? Is he continually barking, or did he destroy your slippers while you were gone?

Does your dog show signs of aggression?

It sounds like your Best Friend is suffering from anxiety.

Did you know approx? 30% of dogs suffer from separation distress. And it cannot be perfect for the owners as their Best Friends.

All of the above symptoms are anxiety acted out.

If It is hard to see your dog upset whenever you leave, then please continue reading. Hearing your dog can be stressful for both you and your dog. And if you should come home to find it looking like a tornado came through it, you know your Best Friend is stressed out. The experience can be a costly one. Your Best Friend really needs Music4Dogs when you are away.

Many dogs will display destructive behavior when suffering from separation anxiety. Usually, they will choose an object or objects they know belong to you. They can quickly tell which slippers are yours by your scent on it. And sometimes they will destroy them because your sent is on all of the pieces of your favorite sandals or hat so they will have the debris to surround themselves in your scent.

Best Friend

A scene like this has happened to us a time or two. How about you? Ever wonder why is he doing this to me?

Many reasons cause the separation anxiety your buddy is going through. Did you know 40% of senior dogs will suffer from it? It is in all kinds of breeds of dogs and all ages. Some cases of separation anxiety in dogs who have faced significant changes in their lives. These can include:

– Dogs who are in a new environment

– Dogs that came from an abused environment. Many rescue dogs have suffered from this.

– Dogs who have been separated from their family too soon.

– Dogs who have lost a loved one. They grieve as we do.

– Dogs who don’t have any social interaction with other dogs

Little Puppy

It could be just simple things that we wouldn’t imagine to be stressful enough to trigger these anxiety behaviors. How about a trip to the vets? Or a stay at a boarding kennel for the first time?

It really shouldn’t be this way when you leave the house, and your dog is home by himself.

Your dog should be content, spending his day sleeping and playing with HIS toys. They may occasionally bark if necessary, but for the most part, they should be in a relaxed state of mind. Crying and whining shouldn’t be happening.

Overexcited behavior, including jumping and barking on your return. And In more challenging situations of anxiety, your dog may accidentally urinate and defecate. They can even hurt themselves, jumping around, knocking things over., you need to take a good look at what we are offering seriously.

We would all like to have the perfect dog. 

If your dog is properly trained, he is obedient, calm, and quiet. That is how we want our dog to be:

– Smooth, with no whimpering, barking or howling

– Loving to everyone who enters your home. Don’t forget about not jumping on people when they come into the house. Very annoying.

– Calm behavior, playing with their toys instead of our things.

Would you like these traits in your best friend? Well, we can help WITHOUT the use of medicine. Music4Dogs can help!

Sometimes medicine feels like that is the only option for a dog behaving like this, but it never cures covers it up. There are medicines you can purchase for animals, just like humans, that may reduce fearfulness in pets. Still, animals that are severely distraught by any separation from their pet parents may be prescribed anti-anxiety medication. Again they don’t cure, they cover up the symptoms, and these medications can sometimes come with some scary side effects, just like some of the medicines us humans take. Music4Dogs is the answer.

Behavior medication is the only method that can eliminate separation anxiety long term with no health risks. And we provide the soundtrack.

Dog Music specializes in music designed for any breed of dog at any age. The music is soothing to help those given to having anxiety problems. Also, those that are left alone a lot. The power of music is designed to calm and relax your pet, just like humans. Expressively helpful during the fireworks are going off frightening your dog or a little puppy suffering from separation anxiety. It works!

If you don’t believe me, look at the short video of Sterling, a puppy that completely relaxes as he falls fast asleep when HIS music starts playing.

60 DAYS Money Back Guarantee

No loseing proposition here. You have a whole 60 days to let us know that you are not satisfied with our music and ebook, and we will give your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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