Photography Tricks

Photography Tricks from your Phone Camera

Simple Photography Tricks by professional photographer Carl Hartman. For 25 years, I’ve been perfecting trick photography. I can change your Smartphone Into A camera that can produce great pictures that will impress your friends and family!

Anyone can learn how to do this. With these Photography Tricks, you will be able to take unbelievable pictures. Your friends will be astounded at the quality work you will be doing. It’s the best you have ever done. Everyone will want to know how you are taking such great photos.

Without using Photoshop, you will be able to turn out pictures that will amaze your friends, and you will become an instant RockStar!

Want your photo to go viral? Try Using these real tricks, and your photos are going to be shared by friends all over the internet faster than a bullet. It is incredible what you will be able to accomplish with this. As a ROCKSTAR, you will sure to be invited to all of the get-togethers and be sure to take your phone with you! You will be the most popular person at the party.

Now we can produce this fantastic photos on your camera. Especially when you don’t use expensive DSLR equipment or even Photoshop to have your pictures turn out just the way you want them. The photos are totally amazing.


When you see those fantastic photos you will wonder how Carl did it, but after you see the information he provides for you. You will see how you can do it yourself!

Why not make your special someone look spectacular as you use these tricks to enhance and have fun with their photos? Photography could turn into a great hobby and possibly a very profitable one too!

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This is the real me!